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Graduate students entering their second year and up who wish to be considered for college accommodation must enter a room ballot organised by the MCR at the end of Hilary Term. If there is the slightest chance that you might require Merton accommodation in the following year, you are strongly encouraged to join the housing ballot. This applies even if you are unsure whether you will be continuing your studies in Oxford.

The housing process generally proceeds as follows during Hilary Term:

  1. Students are notified by the MCR Vice President to join the housing ballot
  2. A guide to Merton housing is sent out and an information night is held in the MCR for students wishing to find out more
  3. The application period for the housing ballot is closed several days before the ballot
  4. The ballot is held in public. Each student in the ballot is assigned a ballot number which follows them through the rest of the room-choosing process
  5. Room and house viewings are carried out throughout Trinity Term
  6. Room Choosing Night is held at the end of Trinity Term

Students entering their first year at Merton are assigned rooms directly by the Accommodation Office. This applies to all students regardless of whether you are entering from outside Merton or continuing on after completing your undergraduate degree. Current graduate students transferring to another degree (e.g., MSc to DPhil) are treated as returning graduates, not as new students, and must join the room ballot if they wish to be considered for college accommodation.

Special Considerations

Students with specific accommodation requirements due to disability, religious requirements or other grounds are advised to contact the Academic Office. An email is usually sent out by Lynn Featherstone, the Academic Registrar, in late Michaelmas term and early Hilary term containing required documents and forms for students who wish to be considered in this category.

Couples’ Accommodation

If you are interested in applying for couple’s accommodation, you should contact the Estates Bursary immediately to be added to the couples’ accommodation waiting list. Couples’ accommodation is not organised by the MCR Committee. However, you are also advised to join the MCR room ballot as a backup.