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Merton/Mansfield JCR/MCR Football Team

Merton Hertford Football team 2010We currently play jointly with our JCR alongside Mansfield College in the JCR league (the most competitive league in Oxford). We are in Division 1 in the JCR league after gaining promotion last season with 10 wins out of 12 league games with our captain Kasra Amini – a club record 83% win percentage in our 12 year recorded history!

We usually train on weekends, and have one mid-week fixture in the afternoon. We play in Michaelmas and Hilary terms only, up to 18 games in total.

We have several socials a term, with a big emphasis on playing as a team at a good-level. We also have a second team if you want to play less-formal football.

We have had a successful womens team joint with Mansfield these last few years, who play on the weekends.

Email: kasra.amini(at)

Men’s team web site.
Women’s team web site

Merton/Mansfield Hockey Team

Merton hockey team 2010The Merton-Mansfield hockey team are in league 2 out of the 4 college leagues. We play a devastating, attacking brand of hockey with, er, mixed fortunes. The games tend to happen on astros around Oxford at weekends during the first two terms with a midweek training session to hone our stick skills. The team is mixed, with the best 11 players picked to play – usually we have 3 or 4 girls are in the team. During trinity term there is a mixed hockey tournament held over several weekends. We traditionally excel at this form of the game.

The squad is a mixture of grads and undergrads with the current split around 50-50. All abilities are welcome to come along to training to stake a place in the team.

Captain: Christopher Major (christopher.major(at)

Merton/Manfield Cricket Team

The Merton-Mansfield cricket team won the first division in 2008 and were joint winners in 2009 (still to be confirmed). They also reached the Cuppers final where they lost narrowly to Worcester.

Our Cricket team, combined with Mansfield, is one of the most successful college teams, reaching the final of Cuppers last year and coming 2nd in the league. Our pitches are great and close by, and there’s no better way to spend an Oxford afternoon! The games are 40 overs a side and are played in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. We also have a seconds team which is relaxed to the point of falling over, and great fun to play in, or a great way to take up the sport.

Men’s Captain: Johnathan White (jonathan.white(at)
Women’s Captain: Katharine Pates (katharine.pates(at)

Merton Squash Team

Merton has its own Squash courts available for booking at the main Lodge.

There is also an informal league ran within the college – the league is open to all, with a beginner’s division for novices, it’s very informal and a great way to improve your squash and meet other students.

Captain: Christopher Mockford (christopher.mockford(at)

Merton Orienteering

Merton was the Orienteering Cuppers powerhouse of the 1990s and briefly relived the glory days with a Cuppers victory in 2008. James McMillan (our captain) won the individual race at Cuppers in 2009 but we were beaten on points by Univ!! 
It is predominantly an individual / Uni based sport (except for once a year when we host Cuppers in a local park) and we’ve had a couple of Half-Blues in recent years!

Captain: James McMillan (james.mcmillan(at)

Merton Tennis

Merton tennis team 2010Merton has three hard courts next to the pavilion at the sports ground, which are free for all members of College to use.

The Merton Men’s Tennis Team currently plays in Division 1 of the College League. These matches consist of a four-man team playing both singles and doubles games against each of the other Colleges in the Division. We also enter Tennis Cuppers, which is a doubles knock-out tournament consisting of six-man teams. Both competitions are played during Trinity term.

There are practice sessions held on Saturday mornings throughout the year for players of all abilities. If you are interested in playing socially or competitively, please contact Ose Ikhena (ikhuemose.ikhena(at)

Merton/Mansfield Rugby Team

The Merton-Mansfield Rugby team trains once a week and has a game most Thursdays. Matches are usually followed by a social event. The University Rugby League is split into four divisions. Each division contains six teams. This means that there are two rugby seasons each year. The second season is followed by University Cuppers.

Although the emphasis of the Club is on the League and Cuppers, a number of Inter-College VIIs tournaments are held in the summer – this includes a mixed touch tournament which encourages women to get involved.
MMRFC Captain: Simon Bowcock (simon.bowcock(at)

Merton Netball Team

We are a very relaxed, friendly team welcoming players of all standards. There are weekly league matches in Michaelmas and Hilary, but the emphasis is very much on having fun!

Captains: Hannah Guggiari (hannah.guggiari(at) and Georgina Johnson (georgina.johnson(at)

Merton Pool Team

Having a free pool table in the games room (downstairs from the MCR and next to the college bar) ensures we have quite a successful pool team! At present we have three pool teams (so we cater for a number of levels!) with “Merton I” being in 5th place in the Division 1 !
If you are interested in playing socially or competitively, please please get in contact !
Captain: Captain: Christopher Mockford (christopher.mockford(at)

Merton Darts Team

Merton dartsMerton is generally pretty dominant at bar sports – a consequence of having both a free table football table and pool table (rare). The Merton darts team became the most successful Merton sports team after gaining promotion for the fourth consecutive year in 2009, with some team members also representing the University in the Varsity darts match!
League tables and Cuppers results.

Merton Croquet Team

Merton has her own Croquet Lawn! If you’re not sure how to play, here’s a guide.
Captain: Leo
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