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Social Activities

The Merton MCR organises a whole host of events and activities for its postgrads. You can view the most recent termcard (a calendar of this term’s activities), but below are some of the events we run on a regular basis. Merton MCR is fortunate to have an extremely generous budget allocation from College which we use to run events at heavily subsidised rates (often free) for members.

  • MCR Cocktail Parties – The MCR unites with the JCR for each Merton ‘Bop’ (four in Michaelmas and Hilary, two in Trinity). Before every bop, the MCR runs a Cocktail Party with FREE drinks to get you in the mood for the cheese-fest which follows (the music, not the food, although that is available courtesy of Hassan’s Van); always very popular.
  • Exchange Dinners – The MCR holds around three “exchange dinners” each term. These involve dining with other MCRs at their college, followed by a return leg at Merton with dessert open to all in the MCR afterwards; a great way to sample the halls of Oxford and meet people from across the University.
  • High Table – MCR students are entitled to dine at High Table, with the fellows of Merton, once each term. The meal is free of charge, and entails three or four courses, followed by a veritable feast of ‘second desserts’. Excellent wines are also available for a small fee added to your college bill.
  • Tasting Events – We organise around three ‘tastings’ each term, for a charge of around £10, which is subsidised by the MCR. Recent tastings have included Cognac and Armagnac; Scotch Whisky, Dessert Wines and Irish Whiskey, as well as non-alcoholic tastings such as tea; cheese and chocolate.
  • Seasonal Activities – We supplement the often quirky Oxford calendar with events of our own. Examples include the annual lighting of the Christmas tree in the MCR, a party preceding the Merton Time Ceremony, and a Champagne Breakfast to follow the May Morning festivities, which culminate in Magdalen Choir singing from the roof of their tower at sunrise.

We also organise many other activities including games nights, quizzes, speaker events. Importantly, we would like to run events that you will enjoy and are very open to your suggestions. If you’re keen on seeing any particular event organised, please contact our social secretaries (click to go to the social information page- which can also be found in the 2017 Freshers’ Guide)!