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Current Students

What Graduate students have to say about the Merton experience

TejasTejas Yadav
Master of Science in Biology (Integrative Bio-Science)

“I like the fact that food and accommodations here are subsidized to a very significant extent. This makes Merton a very good option compared to other Colleges. Furthermore the graduate housing is at a very central location, and not in Cowley or Iffley like other colleges. Best of all, all first year graduates are guaranteed accommodation!”

Michael Uy
Michael Uy
Master of Philosophy in Music (Musicology)

“Merton College has the most beautiful people at Oxford. And they’re so smart. That’s just the sexiest thing. That’s what I love about Merton.”

Martin Palmer
United Kingdom
Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics

“Sunday brunch is great. It’s very nice to get up on a relaxed Sunday morning and be sociable with people. And it’s all–you-can-eat!”

Edmund Highcock
United Kingdom
Doctor of Philosophy in Theoretical Physics

What do I like about Merton? The free cocktail parties every two weeks would rank pretty highly. And the BOPs that follow are also great fun, where the undergraduates have the only fun they have all term and really let their hair down. Oh, and the croquet lawn.”

Amber Hood
Master of Science in Archaeological Science

“The people, the building, the place, the architecture, the Chapel. Merton is, overall, a very inviting place.”

Wolf Rittershofer
Doctor of Philosophy in Atomic & Laser Physics

“I really love the Hall, the Middle Common Room, and our old buildings – they are very beautiful. Also the Stone Table outside, where people gather and talk on sunny afternoons, and Tolkien wrote his book – it’s a really special place.”

Mandeep Singh
Doctor of Philosophy in Ophthalmology

“For a graduate student at Oxford, Merton is probably the best place to be. The six hundred students here are split down the middle into graduate and undergraduate communities – this makes for genuine interaction between the two. In other colleges you may feel isolated because of the much smaller graduate fraction. Also the grad population is large enough for a critical mass of people that really know how to have a good time. The cocktail nights are crazy.”