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Access and FAQs

Q: How can I find out if Merton offers the course I want to do?

A: Simply search using this handy tool!

Q: Do I apply to Merton specifically, or just to the university in general?

A: You do not need to make a separate application to Merton. You just need to indicate it as your preferred college on the university application form.

Q: If I get a place on my course, and have indicated Merton as my preferred college, will I definitely be going there?

A: Not necessarily: in this scenario, you will definitely be going to Oxford, but not definitely going to Merton. Once your department or faculty has made the decision to offer you a place, then the Fellows (highly ranked academic post-holders) of Merton will review your application. If yours is not one of the applications they choose to accept, then it will be sent back to your department/faculty, and you will be considered by other colleges.

Q: Does Merton have more graduates or undergraduates?

A: Graduates constitute over half of the student body at Merton, which is unusual for an Oxford college.

Q: What’s the accommodation provision for graduates like at Merton?

A: Graduates are guaranteed a room in their first year, and then are placed in a ballot for accommodation for any successive years. Merton has a lot of rooms, so even those at the bottom of the ballot tend to have no problem getting one. There are different kinds of accommodation available for couples, and for those with particular needs (due to disability, for example). For a graduate single room, the price is £6,000 for a year (October-July), charged in three instalments (figures for 2019-20). For further information, follow this link.

Q: What about funding?

A: Funding can come in some cases from the University, and in some cases from the college. Merton has a higher than average number of graduate scholarships available. Check out the list, and further information, here.

Q: Can I work during my studies to support myself?

A: Graduates are allowed to take on part time work (as well as work that might come as a result of the course, like teaching undergraduates), but there are rules about how much you are allowed to do. If money is a worry, please do check out the extra financial provision that Merton offers, on this section of its website.

Q: What if I’m worried that I won’t fit in?

A: Merton graduate students come from all over the world, and from many different walks of life. There is no ‘standard Merton graduate’! Some people might have done their undergraduate studies at Merton, or at another Oxford college, but many will not have done. If there’s something you find weird or surprising about Merton, or Oxford in general, it’s certain that other people will be thinking the same thing. Merton MCR is a very welcoming community, and is made all the stronger by an increasingly diverse range of members. That said, if you have concerns or suggestions relating to equality, diversity, or inclusiveness, either during your application process or once you have arrived, please do contact a member of the MCR Committee (for example, you could contact the Access Officer, or the BAME [Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic], Disabilities, LGBTQ+, or Women’s Officer), whose email addresses are provided in the ‘Contact’ section of this website. They will be happy to hear from you. For further details about applying to the college, do check out the FAQs on the graduate section of Merton’s own website.