Dear MCR,


I’m happy to share with you that the Merton MCR has generously sponsored water timers for all of the rooms with showers in Holywell and in Manor Road graduate accommodation. As I am currently on fieldwork, Emma Loftus will be distributing them in the Holywell Music Room

today, Sunday 17th Feb, from 12h00-12h30

Monday 18th Feb, from 19h00-19h30

They are quite simple devices to remind you of your water usage after five minutes, and are placed on the wall next to the tap of the showers.

The JCR and MCR Enviro reps are working with the accommodation managers of college to reduce our community’s water consumption, through gradual renovations from baths to showers, and hope soon to install devices in the toilets and showers to minimize the water flow.


We have secured one timer for everyone living graduate accommodation, but if you are living out and think this would also be a useful timer to have, please drop me an email.


In 2011, the average water footprint in the UK was 4645 liters per person per day. Individual behavioral changes to reduce the water footprint of the college is a small part of the process of reducing the footprint of the UK – coming from both direct use and indirect use from water used in the UK (38%) and in other countries (62%) to produce and consume goods. We also hope this will also reduce the energy consumption from water heating in college.


If you are interested, the Water Footprint network has created an accessible tool to calculate your individual or national footprint ( with a series of peer-reviewed journal articles to explain the calculations.


With greetings from Ghana,