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The MCR itself (the ‘Middle Common Room’) at Merton provides an excellent space for events organised by the MCR; for bookings by individuals; and perhaps most importantly, as a general meeting place for MCR members, particularly after lunch in college.
Facilities include:

  • Coffee machine – Arguably the centrepiece of the MCR, and certainly the focal point for meeting during the day. The coffee is free, and freshly ground from beans restocked by the Treasurer on an almost daily basis.
  • Sofas and a bar – It is rumoured that Merton’s MCR is one of the oldest rooms in college (and by extension, the university). While most of the social events organised by the MCR occur here, it is also used as a place of relaxation by graduate students during the day. Most broadsheets and current affairs magazines are available here.
  • Flatscreen TV and Hifi – Watch anything from the London Olympics to coverage of the US presidential elections, or simply a movie of your own choice in the comfort of the MCR.
  • Kitchen – Well-stocked kitchen with fridge, dishwasher, and hobs for simple cooking.
  • Bathroom including shower – We’re not sure the shower is used much, but hey it’s there for those that want to…

The Music Room

The music room is situated conveniently in the Holywell accommodation complex and represents a focal point where graduate students gather for parties, the weekly Welfare Tea, or simply to play an instrument or to watch a movie with friends.

Facilties include:

  • – Coffee machine
  • – Sofas and seats
  • – Flatscreen TV and DVD player
  • – Grand Piano

The Summer House

Located in the gardens of Holywell accomodation complex, the Summer House is the choice destination for summery parties with good company, meat on the grill, and loads of Pimms.