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Welfare Team

Hi guys! Clara and David here, your MCR welfare reps.

It’s our job to help everyone in the MCR stay as happy and healthy as possible. We like to think that we’re friendly, sympathetic people, and we want the MCR to be an inclusive place where everyone is free to be who they are, regardless of gender, sexuality, race, disability or age.

We’re firmly of the opinion that a fed MCR is a happy MCR (we’re very vigilant in hangriness prevention), so during term we put on brunches and afternoon teas. These are an opportunity for everyone to take break from study and come together for some friendly conversation over tasty food. Look out for pastries, fruit, cheese, porridge, bread and more!

We also organize some active time during the week to give everyone an opportunity to have a move and a shake, and for this term it is weekly yoga.

Another thing we deal with as your welfare reps is sexual health. It’s important for us that everyone who chooses to have sex during your time here is comfortable and safe. We run a sexual consent workshop in fresher’s week to help everyone think about the issues surrounding sex and consent. Additionally, we have condoms and pregnancy tests available for anybody who wants them.

Lastly, we’re always around to lend a sympathetic ear if you need us. If something is troubling you, or if you just want a chat, no issue is too big or small. Merton also has two very approachable Junior Deans for Welfare, Sebastien Wylie and Jenny Barrett, who are on call during term time. The Chaplain, Simon Jones, is head of all things welfare at Merton and is also available to talk through any issues you may be having. The college nurse, Catherine Haines, holds a drop-in surgery on weekday mornings during term-time and can help you with any health- or welfare-related issues. So there’s plenty of places to turn!

We’re all here to make sure that you have a fabulous time while you’re here at Merton, so let us know if there’s anything we can do to help!