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Social Secretaries

Heya, lovely people reading this guide! We’re Amy, Amar, and Axel (I’m sure there’s pictures of us somewhere on this website) your social secretaries for this upcoming year at Merton, the college where fun goes to die, because like the mystical phoenix, we get so lit every week that we literally die and rise from the ashes (totally our new official motto).

Studying at Oxford can be a stressful ordeal, so it’s important that you guys get a bit of respite every now and then and enjoy some of the beautiful things Oxford has to offer. That’s where we come in: our job is to get you interacting with the incredible people in this College (and others!), providing you with plenty of wine, cheese and good times, the latter of which we can’t legally promise.

The first thing you’ll be hit with is Freshers’ week, featuring a range of events, from laser tag, to ceilidh dancing, to champagne receptions. Merton’s MCR Freshers’ week is far more jam-packed than other colleges, and by the end of the week, you’ll understand why! Organised by us, these activities are designed to get you guys a chance to meet the Black tie dinners, something you’ll get used to at Oxford. lovely people with whom you’ll be sharing your unique Oxford experience while also getting out and about the town.

In case you thought it stops after Freshers’ week, it doesn’t! Throughout the year we organise pub quizzes, Formal exchanges with other colleges, free second desserts with port, wine and cheese, BBQs in the Holywell Summer House, BOPS (Big Organised Parties) in the sports pavilion, and then some! All of these events will be explained when you get here, so don’t stress if some of these words sound completely alien to you. Some of these will be odd Merton traditions, some are #justOxfordthings, but most are an excuse to get together and drink, which is generally not a bad thing (but drink responsibly plz).

All in all, our job is to make sure you guys have a well-rounded time at Oxford, no matter how short or long you may be here for. We’ve tried not to hit you with too much info at once and will save a lot of it for when you actually get here, which we’re very much looking forward to!

See you guys soon,

Amy, Amar and Axel
Social Secretaries, 2017-18