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Arts and Culture

Sheldonian Theatre Oxford

The Merton MCR places Arts and Culture events as one of their highest priorities. In previous terms, we have gone to see some of the best ballets, operas, orchestral concerts, theater productions, and student shows in Oxford. In addition, the MCR A&C highly values the importance of supporting arts and culture events that are put on within the college, including the revival of the Merton Floats productions and ArtsFest. While there is a plethora of high-quality and inexpensive (better yet, free) arts events that go on in the city, we acknowledge that some activities do have a dearer financial cost. In these cases, the MCR may partially subsidize the event, asking the MCR-member to make up the remainder. Our intention is for the greatest number of people to go at a reasonable price for all.

Arts and culture in the MCR are seen to serve two important functions:

1) relaxation, leisure, entertainment for the weary soul – a break from the stresses of everyday working life; or

2) education, enlightenment, moralization of the human mind – appreciation of the arts will make you a more civilized person!

In terms of the latter, they are aimed to enlighten us and make us the civilized and refined Mertonians for which we are so well known. Ahem. Either way, whether it is the first or the second that you are after, I’m sure there will be at least one event that will suit your interests. “A great college deserves great art,” or something like that…