Welcome to the Merton Middle Common Room!

A view of the common room with its red carpet, green leather armchairs, piano and the exposed beams of its gabled ceiling.

We hope you find what you’re looking for, whether you’re a prospective graduate student or an existing one.

The MCR is comprised of the postgraduates, 4th year undergraduates and mature students affiliated with Merton College. Besides occupying one of the very best rooms in arguably the University’s oldest college, we are foremost a community: a warm, inclusive, and supportive community that aims to make every single one of its members feel welcome. Whatever your race, nationality, gender, sexuality, disability, age, or social or educational background, we hope that you will feel like Merton is a place where you can fulfil your academic potential, and where you can feel at home.

The MCR provides each member with a set of social events and resources unique to Merton graduates. Whether it be working in one of our excellent libraries, Sunday afternoon welfare tea, cocktail parties, cruises in the Merton punts, exchange dinners, a game on the sports grounds or simply a conversation over coffee in the MCR, there is something here for everyone!

At Merton, the MCR holds a very special place between and an unrivalled connection with the Junior Common Room (undergraduates) and the Senior Common Room (Fellows). Three times per week, the MCR is given rights to several spaces on High Table to dine alongside the College’s senior members. High Table gives MCR members the opportunity to engage with Fellows in every discipline – you might be a history student and sit next to a professor of physics or even the Warden herself! At High Table, and other joint events, Merton’s graduate students are never far from mind-expanding conversation. In addition to our connections with our SCR, all members of the MCR are also members of the JCR. While there is always a bit of rivalry (as seen in a friendly JCR-MCR cricket match, paintball tournament, or go-cart race), one can always dance a bit of stress away at one of the JCR Bops (a frequently chaotic Oxford tradition).

Merton College boasts a long history, beautiful buildings and gardens, academic excellence, and much more. But we are, first and foremost, a family. Beyond academic success, the MCR is a space in which lifelong friendships are forged– something to which every graduate of Merton College can attest.

Take some time to look around and see what we have to offer. Don’t hesitate to email any of our current MCR committee members if you don’t find what you’re looking for. We hope to see you soon!